How to place an order

If you see something you like in my portfolio, email me from the “contact me” page. I don’t sell my work directly from my website because I value personal interaction. Each piece is one of a kind and handmade by me. I do make similar pieces to those you see in my jewelry portfolio. Due to the handmade process and the availability of turquoise, I can make similar pieces but I cannot make exact 100% duplicates. My jewelry portfolio is a collection of my work, pieces that I have made since I began creating. Contacting me directly is the best way to find out what I have available at any given time. Finished pieces sell quickly so my available inventory changes.

The Fine Print

The fine print. read this before ordering, please.

As an Artist, I rely on inspiration & creative energy. I don’t have any employees. i’m not running a factory. Everything you see is touched by my hands. I put my heart and soul into each and every piece. I am a perfectionist, and I do my best to carefully produce the cleanest, most precise, silver & gold jewelry that i am capable of. This process takes time. I can’t force creativity, trust me I have tried. I can’t create under stress. I can’t work miracles, and i can’t have your custom work of art finished in record time. Life happens, sometimes i try to force it and my casting doesn’t come out right, or I melt something and have to remake it. that’s how it goes, and that is what makes it beautiful. I work hard every day and most nights, but sometime i need to stop, refocus, reset, so i can give you my absolute best. The more you call me, text me, message me, to ask why your piece isn’t finished the longer it is going to take because it creates stress, which pulls away my creative focus. I promise it will be worth the wait, but you must be patient. No, I don’t have an exact date that your order will be shipped. Most orders are in your hands within 30-90 days and i send updates monthly, but there is no set time. Again, I’m an artist whom relies on creative flow, I’m not a factory worker. My refund policy is - I don’t do refunds. Period. If you change your mind mid creation, I’m sorry. maybe I can make you something else, maybe you can gift the piece to a dear friend… If you are pre-ordering a new design, that means you are placing your order before the design is created, and before the piece is available. Remember, good things come to those who wait.