Jeff DeMent. 

Transitioning from military to the peaceful artist life

Transitioning from military to the peaceful artist life

Explorer.  Adventurer.  Warrior. Designer.  Artist.

Life is short.  Make every moment count.  While most people dream of adventure or greatness, others are out doing it; making it happen. My name is Jeff DeMent.  I am Dine' (Navajo), born for Bit'ahnii.  I am a Warrior and Combat Veteran, one of the holy people, and the lineage of Chief Manuelito. I am the oldest son of George and Grace DeMent and grandson of Georgina Cohoe' of Two Grey Hills New Mexico.  My story is long.  my life has been filled with character building experiences.  Although very difficult at times they have made me the man I am today.  No matter where I go or what I do, I will never forget the lessons of my past. As challenging as things sometimes seem, if we are open minded there is something that can be learned from each and every experience.  My life has come full circle.  From innocent childhood to military combat, death, destruction and violence, and now an opportunity to bring beauty and a sense of peace back into the world through my work and traditional Diné (Navajo) Silversmithing.... 

--The term "MODERN DAY WARRIOR" isn't simply about my Combat Veteran past, it's about you.  A WARRIOR is strong, focused, and driven.  A WARRIOR does not accept defeat.  They do not give up.  They live their lives in the best way possible.  Unafraid.  Unwavering.  They stand tall in the face of adversity.  MODERN DAY WARRIORS are leaders, driven to succeed in everything they do.  They help others and set an example to be followed.  MODERN DAY WARRIOR men & women live their lives with purpose, making each moment count.  These brave souls are whom I am honored to see wearing my work.  The MODERN DAY WARRIOR is you.--

My work is hand-crafted using a traditional Diné (Navajo) technique called Tufa Casting that dates back to the 1800's; over 200 years ago. My original designs are hand carved into Tuff, a compressed volcanic ash commonly called Tufa Rock, to create a mold. I heat the mold and pour molten silver into it to form each piece. After annealing, the silver is hand cut, filed and formed, then high-grade turquoise is inlayed into a bezel.  The Tufa molds are only used once, making each and every piece a true one of a kind. The Turquoise i use in my work is all Natural Stone, never stabilized or enhanced.  I pour my heart and soul into each piece to give you the best quality possible.

Turquoise has spiritual energy and characteristics of strength, protection and power.  Silver is a natural element and is one of the greatest conductors of energy of all metals.  Silver is known to increase perception, feeling and awareness, creating a sense of balance and harmony.  Since it is a great conductor of energy, it enhances Turquoise, conducting it's energy to the person who wears it.  Each and every piece of my modern contemporary jewelry is traditionally hand made, filled with energy, and created with passion. 

To learn more about me, please check out my blog.  Email me via the contact page or from Diné Metalworks on Facebook.  You can also find me on Instagram @jeff.dement - Jeff DeMent